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2024 Wide Receiver Draft Rankings – Part 2

It is finally draft day, and the anticipation to see where our favorite prospects land is through the roof. Before the names are picked, a list of the top 15 Wide Receiver Draft Prospects has been constructed. This list covers prospects before they are selected to a team. A final list will be prepared after the draft which will factor in landing spots.

Special thanks to RAS Football for their work in determining “RAS” (Raw Athletic Score) 

  1. Marvin Harrison Jr – Ohio State, Age: 21

RAS Score: N/A

Projected Draft Position: Top 5

Summary: Marvin Harrison Jr. possesses a rare combination of skills consistent with elite production in the NFL. Harrison Jr. is as close to a “can’t miss” prospect as you can get. With multiple 1,000 yards and 14 TD seasons, his college production is a tell of times to come for the NFL. Harrison is an elite route runner and can use his frame to turn 50/50 balls in his favor. He understands the game well and leverages this knowledge along with speed to get open. If your dynasty team needs a QB, Caleb Williams will be a fine option at the top of the draft. If content with your QB situation, don’t overthink it and draft Harrison.

  1. Malik Nabers – LSU, Age: 20

RAS Score: N/A

Projected Draft Position: Top 10

Summary: There are many other drafts Nabers would be the first WR off the board. The good news for him is that many teams at the top of the draft need a WR. Nabers had a dominant junior year last year with 1,569 yards and 14 TD, ascending himself along with teammates Jaden Daniels and Brian Thomas Jr. Nabers is an incredible athlete, who carries an incredible combo of speed and agility. He is not the biggest player, but still has a solid frame at 6’0” 200 lbs. In the NFL, Nabers will translate his big play ability from LSU to the NFL, but I believe he will thrive on getting open in short and intermediate routes as he settles in. With superstar potential, he will shine anywhere he goes. Preferable landing spots for him are the Cardinals or the Chargers. Even with a less desirable spot like the Giants or Titans, he can be comfortably drafted in the top 5 in rookie drafts.

  1. Rome Odunze – Washington, Age: 21

RAS Score – 9.92

Projected Draft Position: Top 15

Summary: Odunze can provide more value at pick 6 and later than any other rookie draft in recent memory. Odunze accumulated a robust 1,640 yards and 13 TD’s in his junior season with a very successful Washington team last year. He has a very solid 6’3”, 215 frame to go along with great speed and great athleticism. He is at his best attacking the field vertically as he wins with his speed and with his body. Odunze had the ability to make 50/50 balls turn into 70/30 balls last year. The Jaguars would be a dream landing spot for Odunze but the Jets and Bears would also work well for him.

  1. Brian Thomas Jr – LSU, Age: 21

RAS Score – 9.82

Projected Draft Position: Top 20

Summary: Thomas Jr is a true vertical threat who will help take the top off the defense. His floor is Robbie “Chosen” Anderson. The real question is how high can he launch himself past his floor. With a 6’5”, 200 LB frame, Thomas Jr was able to lead the FBS in touchdowns with 17. His efforts were also off of a limited route tree. The sky is the limit for him as a player. Shaky medicals and the threat of him not improving might keep him out of the top 20, which would be a steal for a team provided he stays healthy. The best is yet to come for him and he should be a wonderful pick at 8 or 9 in rookie drafts.

  1. Adonai Mitchell – Texas, Age: 21

RAS Score – 9.99

Projected Draft Position: Late First

Summary: Mitchell has the potential to be a top 3 wide receiver in this class. He is an elusive route runner, freak athlete and has fantastic hands. His 6’4”, 200 LB frame also helps him win on contested catches. The red flags for Mitchell also have to be taken into account. He has an iffy medical history, limited college production and possible character problems. Put everything together, and I think Mitchell is worth the dice roll at this spot, but underperformance is in his range of outcomes.

  1. Xavier Worthy – Texas, Age: 20

RAS Score – 9.4

Projected Draft Position: Mid – Late 1st

Summary: Worthy is all about speed. It is by far his greatest asset and NFL teams would love to use it in all different ways. He also possesses good hands and a good football IQ. Some concerns come from his weight at just 170 pounds, but smaller receivers have found success and have stayed healthy in recent years. His combine performance doesn’t change much if you were already aware of his elite speed. Worthy will fit in somewhere very well off the jump, the question is if he can demand the ball enough to produce true WR1 seasons.

  1. Troy Franklin – Oregon, Age: 21

RAS Score – 8.98

Projected Draft Position: Late 1st/Early 2nd

Summary: Franklin passed all of the eye tests in his junior year at Oregon. Posting elite stats with Bo Nix, Franklin primarily succeeded down the field vertically. Franklin had a 30+ yard reception in 12/13 games last season. He holds blazing speed and has elite ball skills, giving him the tools to succeed down the field in the NFL. A shaky combine doesn’t give me much worry, but he must improve on his press releases and his ability to maneuver within 10 yards at the next level. Other than that, Franklin will prove to be a safe pick in the back of first rounds in rookie drafts. 

  1. Javon Baker – UCF, Age: 22

RAS Score – 7.7

Projected Draft Position: Late 2nd/Early 3rd

Summary: Baker possesses a good mix of skills that will help him succeed at the next level. The ability to win contested catches, underrated speed and good physicality are some of these skills. Baker had a slight drop problem, but this can be fixed. Other floors are higher in the class, but Baker has one of the highest ceilings.

  1. Ladd McConkey – Georgia, Age: 22

RAS Score – 9.32

Projected Draft Position: 2nd Round

Summary: McConkey is a wizard in his route running working the whole field to get open. His releases are among the best in the class and his floor is higher than most. He is on the smaller side and requires space for success. Reaching his ceiling will be a tougher task, as it will take the right situation to make him a dynamic player. Sit tight for his draft landing spot, he could be trending upwards post draft. 

  1. Jalen McMillan – Washington, Age: 22

RAS Score: 8.6

Projected Draft Position: Late 2nd/3rd Round

Summary: McMillan could be the most underrated prospect in the class. In the shadow of Odunze and regarded often behind Polk, some people don’t realize just how good he is. He is tremendous off releases and fights through contact well. He is fearless across routes and will go up and get balls. He isn’t uber athletic which could potentially limit his upside. 

  1. Keon Coleman – Florida State, Age: 20

RAS Score – 8.1

Projected Draft Position: 2nd Round

Summary: Coleman is an athletic freak and has a ceiling that can eclipse anyone in this range. The problem is that he still has a long way to go before he is a complete receiver. Shaky route running, poor separation and consistency are all red flags for him. A positive is that he is one of the youngest WR prospects in the class, and can potentially blossom into a successful pro.

  1. Malik Washington – Virginia, Age: 23

RAS Score – 8.57

Projected Draft Position: 3rd Round

Summary: Washington is best described as small but mighty. He might be 5’8”, but he plays a lot bigger than that. Washington will not shy away from any contact, and is great at making contested catches. He is also good after the catch and has good ball skills. His size limits his ceiling and he might have to work for playing time early in his career. Washington should be very good in a niche role in the NFL and could be even better in the right situation. 

  1. Xavier Legette – South Carolina, Age: 23

RAS Score: 9.89

Projected Draft Position: Late 1st/2nd Round

Summary: Legette is a hard prospect to evaluate, but this spot is giving him the benefit of the doubt on his ceiling. Legette has a solid frame and blazing speed which typically is a lethal combo. His college production was very underwhelming until his last year and he is now 23 years old. I believe that Legette can work on a few things to make him a very high upside player with big play ability. He unfortunately has one of the lowest floors on this list. 

  1. Roman Wilson – Michigan, Age: 22

RAS Score – 8.54

Projected Draft Position: 2nd Round/3rd Round

Summary: Wilson saw his draft stock rise after his impressive performance in the senior bowl practices. Wilson offers a lot of flexibility and could potentially play outside and in the slot in the NFL. He has really good speed and is a plus route runner with room for more improvement. His college production was a bit underwhelming, but playing in  a run-heavy offense did not help.

  1. Ricky Pearsall – Florida, Age: 23

RAS Score – 9.91 

Projected Draft Position: 2nd Round/3rd Round

Summary: Pearsall is a late riser who has a wide range of outcomes in draft position. Pearsall has an underwhelming college production profile, but intriguing skills that can make him great at the next level. Pearsall can win in the slot and outside, and is an athletic freak. He has sure hands and can win contested catches. Pearsall offers an intriguing ceiling and a high floor. He is one of the oldest WR prospects in this class.

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