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Our First Reddit AMA – Questions and Answers

Going to put all the general questions and the corresponding answers from today’s AMA that aren’t league specific. These are all questions from the Reddit r/DynastyFF community. We will be hosting an AMA on their the second Friday of every month.

Q: I’ve been following on Twitter for years now because your account is the number one source of my in season player updates. How’d you get into this space?

Two of us started the account ~8 years ago for our own personal gain. We realized beat writers had a lot of good info, especially during Training Camp, so we just shared the account to get all the latest news.

A year went by and we were like “what if we just started retweeting all the good tweets?” Got a few big shoutouts from guys like Sigmund Bloom, then bam, thousands of followers. It’s been a crazy experience!

We’ve really expanded over the last two years. We have a podcast that interviews beat writers and top fantasy experts. Recently we had Matthew Berry and Jacob Infante on. This offseason is going to be full of valuable info as the podcast interviews get rolling.

We have our website which houses all of our daily/weekly summaries as well as some great articles from our content team. The summaries on here are really incredible as we sift through all the BS that’s out there and give you the facts and why they matter.

Q: Hey Guys! Thanks for the write up, but you still haven’t explained what you actually do. Do you just retweet/repurpose news from trusted sources? Couldnt AI do that for you?

On Twitter/X we curate information that is actually important to your decision making. It’s also all straight facts. We don’t copy, manipulate or take credit for tweets like many of the other aggregators do. We also source anything we tweet or put in our summaries/articles.

AI isn’t able to use the eye test nor is AI able to communicate directly with beat writers. A lot of our info comes directly from the source; something no one else in the industry does regularly.

Q: You must go through a lot of coach speak. Some teams say a lot, others say nothing. One quality that stands out to me is the silence that comes from the Rams. Guys like Kyren and Puka flew completely under the radar. Are there any other teams that have a discernible quality like this that more people should know about?

We don’t really go through coach speak, more beat writers speak. Kyren and Puka definitely popped up on our timeline over Training Camp and we highlighted them in our summaries. We figured Kyren was going to have a role, tweeted so as such.

And for sure, some teams beat writers have more access to the team/front office while others don’t. We have to get creative sometimes and dig and/or reach out directly to the beat writers and get their take.

Q: Two notable former first WRs that have flashed but haven’t lived up to expectations in Dotson and Bateman. Do you think there’s any hope for them going forward?

It would have been hard to find a bigger Dotson fan than me going into last season, then… he sucked. Was it all his fault? No, but some of it was. I’m giving him one more chance this year in a new system with a new QB. If he has another dud season, I’m out. The problem is if you look to trade him now, you’re trading him super low. Might as well just hold, hope, and believe in the talent.

Bateman is a little trickier. He’s dealt with injuries until last year and still had an underwhelming year in a fairly shallow Ravens receiving core. I have less hope for Bateman than Dotson. Do you see the Ravens being able to support Flowers, Andrews, and Bateman? Especially when they want to bring in another top receiver?

Q: I’m curious about RBs in new places who—according to the national media—will be contending with crowded backfields. Specifically, what are Titans and Bears beat writers thinking about Pollard and Swift? Are they understood locally to be merely 1As in a timeshare? Or is there more optimism for either to be a true lead back (with volume exceeding 65%)?

Hopefully we’ll have our answer to this one during Training Camp.

Our guess: They are both 1A in a timeshare. The Titans love Spears and he’s just as good, if not better, than Pollard. Swift is explosive and got a big contract, but he has his flaws (vision). Hoping these signings don’t play out like the Miles Sanders signing in Carolina last year.

Q: Who’ve you been listening to lately?

A lot of Jacob Infante, Matt Harmon, Easton Freeze and Cody Carpentier. They are all great for this time of year (and beyond).

Q: Any insight on Quentin Johnston and if he can play at an NFL level?

I bet we get to see how good of a blocker he is this year. Hoping he hits N’keal Harry levels.

Training Camp is going to be ultra important for him. He has a QB that can get him the ball and if he doesn’t prove he can contribute he’s going to get passed on the depth chart very quickly.

Q: Do you see Hunter Luepke having an expanded role in Dallas in his second season? Dallas was featuring him on the opening drive vs Miami (4 of 16 plays on the opening drive went to him – 25%) until a fumbled exchange between him and Dak on the goal line and he got glued to the bench.

A fullback question! I’d say your peak comp for a versatile FB like Luepke would be Kyle Juszczyk, but that’s a stretch. Obviously the current Cowboys RB room is thin. We expect them to draft another RB in April. Maybe Luepke gets a few more touches in 2024, but nothing worthwhile.

Q: Of the top 5 rookie QB which do you think will have long term success?

This is really dependent on landing spot. What Chicago has put together to make life easier on Williams makes me want to go with him. That’s a lame answer I know but it’s the reality.

We’ve talked about it on a couple podcasts and in our summaries but also been a fan of Penix landing in Minnesota.

Q: A big part of the offseason, especially for the dynasty community is hype – that guy you drafted in the 1st round who did nothing last year, now his WR coach says “he’s looking like a real #1 guy out there” and so on. I imagine it would be easy, profitable (and maybe even fun at times) to just be engagement-farming hype merchants, but how do you balance that with trying to put out the best information?

Good question. We despise the accounts that just copy and paste someone else’s tweet as their own or take quotes out of context to make it sound more dramatic. There’s nothing we can do about the engagement farmers. We don’t ever want to be lumped in with those accounts.

If a coach says something about a player, we do our best to give the full context. Naturally, some players will be hyped up during Camp. And people LOVE rookies, so it is a fine line to walk. We feel good knowing that our content is straight from a source and not twisted in any way.

Q: Is this the year Jameson Williams breaks out or is he always going to be a splash play guy?

The feeling is, in the near future, he is going to be a solid NFL but probably more of a bye week filler. You have a lot of target hogs on this team; ASB, LaPorta, Gibbs. That isn’t going to leave a ton of targets for Williams; he averaged 3.4 targets per a game last year. This offense isn’t going to be changing much going into next year, and LaPorta now has a year under his belt.

Q: Do you have any insight into how the Patriots plan to use their run game next year? I’m assuming they’re still high on Stevenson but get the feeling they don’t want to overwork him again. Am I misreading the situation?

With the coaching staff in the building we should see a more McVay/Shanahan style offense with play calling similar to the Browns last year with Alex Van Pelt now running the offense. As of now we think it’ll be a gap scheme that will focus on setting up the play action pass.

The addition of Antonio Gibson is a really under the radar pickup. Stevenson will lead the backfield but we’ve seen what the RB2 is capable of doing in Cleveland’s offense the last few years. As of now he’s a nice pick, curious to see where his ADP lands when Training Camp hype starts.

Q: Is there any hope for John Metchie or is he kinda just gonna work in the background for Houston and be overshadowed by Dell and Collins?

This is a really unfortunate scenario because it seems like Metchie is a really great kid. The reality is last year he got outplayed by the likes of Noah Brown and a spent Robert Woods. He also wasn’t drafted by this regime in Houston.

With Hutchinson getting more playing time the last five weeks of the year. Really hate to type this but Metchie is closer to a cut candidate than a fantasy contributor.

Q: Do you have any advice or resources on how and when to tier up in a 10tm SF start 10? Looking to understand how much a too much (e.g., worth trading Tlaw and 2.02/2.04 for Herbert? Waddle + 2.02 for G Wilson?)

Wish we could tell you that there was some magic formula. The thoughts have always been if both parties are happy with the outcome, who cares what others think? Trades don’t always work out in real life so why should they be expected to in fantasy football? There’s risk on both sides.

This may be semi off topic but a big part of this is knowing your league mates and their tendencies. When trading a good practice is always to engage with offering players you know that person will like. It can be as simple as the person lives in Atlanta so you know they’d be interested in Drake London. In serious leagues there is definitely a psychological aspects to getting deals done.

Q: What is Mooney’s outlook in Atlanta? Do you think he can put up WR2 fantasy numbers? Or do you think that’s unrealistic given he’s at best the 4th option?

We like the fit. Berry mentions, amongst other details, “There’s no reason Mooney can’t put up numbers similar to what he did in 2021 in 2024”. This is the best duo Atlanta has had in a long time and Cousins is no stranger to supporting multiple offensive weapons. Look at Jefferson, Addison and Hockenson. We could see a repeat of that in Atlanta.

Q: Over the last few years, the Commanders have seen a lot of inconsistency on offense. We’ve seen Terry McLaurin, Jahan Dotson, a variety of running backs, and tight ends flourish and fall in the fantasy world. With an entirely new coaching staff in town in addition to a new QB presumably being taken with the #2 overall pick, how do you rank Washington’s current skill players, and what kind of fantasy relevancy do you see?

As of this moment the only offensive weapon(?) to really get behind is Brian Robinson. It’s pretty funny that ESPN currently lists Austin Ekeler as the RB1 on their depth chart. If drafts were happening now I have to imagine this would sway ADP.

Terry should still be fine but Dotson is probably going to put up the same numbers he did last year, around that 500 yard mark. The offense is going to be more ground focused than anyone wants to admit; regardless of if Maye or Daniels are drafted here. Keep in mind, they both have the athleticism to run. Could there be a few broken plays here and there that pad the receivers stats, sure. But overall we don’t love the passing offense here.

Don’t buy into the Kingsbury Air Raid offense bologna. It hasn’t worked in the NFL yet and he had a much better group in Arizona to run it with. If Kingsbury enjoys his job he’ll grind out games.

Q: What do you think about the complete lack of accountability within this industry? Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen tons of claims that turned out to be false. It seems common to make the claim of having “insider sources” when they clearly do not. Is there anything that can be done about this?

We touched on this in an earlier response which I’ll paste right below this sentence and then elaborate from there.

“There some really great accounts out there and some really toxic ones. Following the wrong people that are going for engagement farming and click bait are going to screw you and your fantasy team. There’s a fine line but a good rule of thumb is the organization they are connected to.
Like anything, vet who you trust and ignore who you don’t.”

Now more than ever it’s all about clickbait. While nothing can be done about this, the biggest thing that you can do is to unfollow and not engage with the accounts.

The last two years we’ve seen a lot of growth on our Twitter/X account because people realize that we don’t give you any BS information. We aren’t starting pointless hype trains, we aren’t posting nfo that don’t correlate to a specific narrative. This is why we feel like our summaries are so helpful and why industry leaders use them. Syphoning out the garage is what we pride ourselves on.

Do we buy in sometimes too much to some hype? Sure. But we own it and don’t run from it. Last year Calvin Ridley was a training camp beast. Everyone we talked to from the Jaguars was enamored with him. We highlighted him a lot. Did we get it wrong? 100% but so did everyone connected to the Jaguars. Sometimes that just happens.

Q: Thanks for doing this! I’ve kept up with you guys for a while now and enjoy your content a lot. I feel like media has become a lot less reliable lately due to pushing stories for views that people want to be true rather than how things are. Considering how much information you have to keep track of throughout the whole league, are there any current rumors or reports about the draft, free agents, late roster cuts, or potential trades that you believe have more teeth than others?

The only real one we are buying is a team is going to trade up to get McCarthy. This has gained some serious steam lately and we are buying it.

Q: Kyren Williams dodged free agency already. Where is the cut off, either round wise or in your rookie RB rankings? Where the Rams drafting an RB would significantly hurt his dynasty value? For example, a 2nd round Jonathan Brooks pick would clearly decimate Kyren’s value, but a 7th round Guerando as the only addition might actually increase his value.

Sometimes we forget Kyren is only 23 and actually played well in his limited opportunity as a rookie (2022). It’d be shocking to see the Rams spend high draft capital on a RB, if any. The bigger scare, not that’d it’d matter, would be a veteran free agent, fortunately that market is drying up. If they brought in CEH or Elliott for example it’s still Kyren’s backfield in probably a 70/30 split. Rams beat writers are very high on Kyren and rightfully so.

To actually answer your questions, anyone Round 4 or earlier would raise a flag. Also a strong receiving back, someone like Frank Gore Jr ending up on this team would be interesting.

Q: Thoughts on Michael Wilson and Jerry Jeudy this season?

Good things for Michael Wilson. Everyone always thinks the Cardinals offense is going to stink. Even if they draft a WR we still think Michael Wilson puts up serviceable numbers, let’s say WR3.

Jerry Jeudy is an interesting one. Don’t think he lives up to his contact and not sure he is more than an annoying boom or bust WR3/4. No WR2 has really found their way with the Browns in recent years and Ken Dorsey never really ever forced a true WR2 when he was with the Bills. Just don’t see a path here.

Q: What’s the vibe on Pat Freiermuth? Do we see his production getting him into low end TE1 high TE2 area or is he a lost asset?

The gut response here is when is the last time Russell Wilson has supported a TE1? And then the same for Fields, although Kmet did have a nice run for a stretch the second half of the season.

The peak is Kmet last year, most likely, at 700/6. With Johnson out of town this definitely will open up targets in the short and intermediate which in theory should benefit him. There’s just no trust in Wilson to actually target him.

Q: Do you think Gabe Davis will produce in Jacksonville?

From a football standpoint yes. From a fantasy standpoint we have to imagine it’s going to be pretty similar to Buffalo as in he will be more boom or bust than a weekly contributor. This is going to be very dependent on ADP. Not sure there’s a path for him to get to Ridley’s numbers last year unless he truly breaks out.

Q: Will Josh Palmer be a 1000 yd receiver for the 1st time this year? Thank you for taking time out to do this. I enjoy you guys!

Watched a lot of Josh Palmer over the years, including in college and believe he is an above average NFL receiver who has just been buried. With him moving into a starting role there has to be a good chance that he at least gets close to this number.

Palmer on his career averages 11.9 YPR so he’d need 84 catches to get him to this number. He did however average 15.3 last year which would get him there in 65 which is definitely an achievable reception number for him.

Q: Thoughts on Rome Odunze?

Like everything we’ve seen so far. It’s all about landing spot for him.

Don’t love that he gets mocked a lot to the NYG. Probably one of the worst landing spots for a rookie WR. They really need a true WR1 but have so many WR3s it’d be annoying to have stock. If he goes to CHI, other spot he’s been mocked to regularly, his rookie stats aren’t going to be great but long term he’ll be a good fit.

Q: What are your thoughts on Purdy both in real life talent and for fantasy purposes? Admittedly I love the guy and feel like he has the potential to be a top-12 QB for a long time… But maybe I’m looking at it with rose colored glasses?

As long as Purdy has Shanahan and receiving weapons there’s no reason to think he’s not going to be constantly undervalued because everyone just expects him to not be great. He’s a non-sexy part of your team that gets you W’s because of his supporting cast and system. Nothing wrong with a system QB if it works.

Q: Lamar’s MVP campaign was amazing but ultimately came in as QB4 in 4pt passing leagues! Of course this is nothing to sneeze at, but is there anything that could happen to see Lamar ascend even further to the game breaker he was in his first full season at the helm in Baltimore?

A lot of people feel Lamar didn’t deserve the MVP; us included. The reality is Jackson’s receiving weapons got worse and the rushing game is going to improve behind him. It’ll be interesting to see if they roll with their current receivers or target one in the draft; they desperately need someone to stretch the field as the answer there is not Nelson Agholor.

Q: What are your guys’ opinion on Bryce Young? Panthers were abysmal last season, Bryce was fighting for his life, & the play calling was completely brain dead. Do you see his trajectory going up this season with o-line upgrades, new weapons, coaching staff?

The reality is Bryce needs help. He was surrounded him minimal talent last year; probably the worst in the league. So there is hope.

The Panther upgrading the OL is a big first step. The Sanders signing was a disaster and did him no favors either. Quick side note, if they don’t bring in another back, Chuba Hubbard is a solid, non-sexy pick.

Dionate helps a lot as a target hog and Thielen should be ok as a WR2. Mingo still has a chance to put it together but I wouldn’t bank on it. Ladd McConkey has been mocked to the Panthers a ton and while the hype on him is getting a bit wild, this wouldn’t be the worst landing spot from a fantasy perspective.

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