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Podcast Transcript: Matthew Berry! Amon-Ra St. Brown, Quarterbacks, and the Commanders!

November 19, 2023

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Zach Hiduk: Welcome in to Beyond the Beat from 32 Beat Riders. I’m Zach Hiduk and today I’m here with a man who needs no introduction, but we’re going to give him one anyways Matthew Berry. Matthew is one of the og’s of the fantasy football world and can be seen and heard all across the internet and television Including NBC and Peacock particularly on Sunday Night Football as well as on his daily podcast The Fantasy Football Happy Hour. Matthewc Welcome to the show and thanks for joining us!

Matthew Berry: I’m very excited to be here. I thought to myself, you know what? I’ve done The Tonight Show, I’ve been in Avengers Endgame. I do Simmons podcast every single year but you know what would really be a feather my cap? Is uh, what’s this podcast called?

Zach Hiduk: We actually had to update the name because of the original was 32 Beat Beyond the Tweets and as you know, it is no longer Twitter.

Matthew Berry: We are X so Beyond the X doesn’t have the same uh,je ne sais quoi.

Zach Hiduk: Exactly. So yeah, you’re in the big time now.

Matthew Berry: This is it. I’m gonna retire after this podcast Zach I’m very excited to be here. That is being a guest on Beyond the Beat is really, this is the pinnacle. It’s nowhere to go but down for me.

And in all seriousness, jokes aside, I get a million podcast requests and I said yes because I have to tell you I think you guys and by you guys I mean @32beatwriters, what you guys do on Twitter/X, I think you guys are so good. You are one of the accounts that I have notifications on so that every time you guys tweet I see it, it pops up on my screen. I don’t have that for that many people. I mean I follow 4500 people on X, but you guys are one of the accounts that I have the notifications on for because I think you guys do such a good job.

I think it’s hard to find a niche in this industry. It’s been around for so long there are so many people in it. There’s such a low barrier entry that it’s hard to, hard to kind of make your way and hey, here’s what I’m offering and here’s the uniqueness of what I offer And I think you guys have found that so, um, I just want to say, uh, you know all jokes aside I think you guys do a really great job And it’s been awesome to see the growth of the account and you guys are adding podcasts and other content and um just continued success to you and everyone there at the company.

Zach Hiduk: Thanks, I really appreciate that and I know the other guys do too. I’ll give credit to the Other guys who also helped run that account there. Uh, Zach Ring as you know, uh, Matt Olson and then Max Dornan and of course, uh, They we all kind of tag team that and uh, it takes a lot of work But we’re glad to offer that and uh, thank you for the kind words. We really do appreciate that Um, so I guess hey to get right down to it. Yeah, you know, you’re our first non beat writer film guy, uh, Guest on the show so congratulations, of course for that as well. So, um, we had a couple questions though for you. We know everybody knows that you’re a Commander’s fan.

We all know that you’re a very invested a Washington fan so I figured we’d kind of start off with some Washington questions if you don’t mind here. We got new ownership. Do you think that head coach Ron Rivera makes it through the year?

Matthew Berry: Yes Okay, I think I I think he I think he ends the year as the coach of the Washington Commanders.

Zach Hiduk: Do you think he’s the coach next year? And if not, who’s on the shortlist of people that you’d prefer?

Matthew Berry: I do not, I don’t think you this is this is no inside knowledge. This is just my guess I don’t think you spend six billion dollars On anything And then say I’m just gonna let whoever wants to I’m just gonna I’m just again This is no disrespect to to coach Rivera or any of the people there. I I suspect like if I I think josh Harris will want his imprint on this team And I guess if the Commanders make the playoffs and make a run here, but um, that would be different But you know, I I sort of feel like again, this is josh Harris’s call He owns the majority and it’s ultimately going to be his call But you know, you see some of the tweets from magic johnson magic johnson is the most benign Kindest tweeter in the universe, you know And he’s even had some again you have to grade it on a magic scale Right on the scale of magic tweets.

He’s had some negative tweets about like The Commanders didn’t come ready to play, you know, I think about that thursday night loss against chicago Where we got embarrassed on national tv, you know the loss to seattle We’ve just I don’t think the Commanders make the playoffs and so I think because they’ve underperformed Um, I think it’ll be interesting to see. Um, I would be surprised if ron rever is the head coach next year And so in terms of who’s on my short list, um You know, it’s it’s really interesting. I’ll tell you who who i’m really intrigued by You know, there’s the the bellachic rumors are out there There are rumors out there that that the patriots will trade they have another that they would trade bill bellachic Not sure not sure about that.

I mean, how can you say no to bellachic? But I think that it’s rebuilding um Um, uh, you know process here. I think we’ve still got some work to do in washington and given bellachic’s age. I don’t you know Listen, we should be so luckiest to get bill bellachic.

But um, uh, I don’t know if that’s It’ll be interesting. I think bellachic coaches somewhere else next year, but who knows where? um I’ll tell you that my number one guy that I think right now and you know, you never know who’s sort of available Uh, but because there’s always like curious you’re like, why’d you fire that guy? Like If tennessee fired mike rabel, I’m in on mike rabel.

You know what I mean? Like I think rabel’s a great coach um, uh, but i’ll tell you I think um Ben johnson the offensive coordinator of the detroit lions He would be my guy. He would be my he would be my pick. I love what he’s done He’s been brilliant with the lions offense the last two years I think the lions are gonna not only make the playoffs, but I think they’ve got a shot to go far I think johnson who was a hot hud coaching candidate last year I think that he will be I think ben johnson will be a head coach in the nfl next year And I wouldn’t mind uh seeing him on the commander’s sideline I also wouldn’t be opposed to eric b ename Keep you know being elevated to head coach again.

I sort of feel like josh harris is gonna clean house That’s my guess again. I that’s no inside knowledge. I want to be clear about that. That’s literally just my You pay six billion for something you want to put your imprint on it and um But I like what b ename’s done with the offense and I certainly I think you have to give a lot of the The development of howl. I think you have to give a lot of that credit to b ename

Zach Hiduk: Yeah, yeah, that will be certainly interesting to see I know there’s been some interesting comments coming out every once in a while about b enemies coaching style and things like that But maybe they give him a shot I was curious to see if they would give him a shot You know towards the end of the season if they did get rid of ron reverr, but uh, if uh, it does seem like and he does 10 to stick around there, especially if he wins a couple games at the end of the season So we’ll see I like your ben johnson pick. It seems like he’ll be probably the Head coaching hotness as far as candidates are concerned coming out this coming year So we’ll have to see how that goes and you mentioned

Matthew Berry: sam howl I could see bobby slovic the offense coordinator the houston texas as well given the development of cj strad and what that offense has done With so low expectations. I think he’ll be a hot candidate despite the fact he’s only been an oc for a year Um, so, you know, I think it’ll be it’ll sort of be interesting to see

Zach Hiduk: Yeah, so if they do get rid of you know, let’s say they bring in a new head coach be it either one of those guys Uh sam howl as a franchise quarterback.

Do you think that’s a future? There, you know, according to pff. He leads the league in big time throws with 24 I think it is but he’s fifth in turnover worthy plays. So you kind of get some good with the bad there Um, or bad with the good rather 66 completion 2783 yards 17 touchdowns nine interceptions despite the turnover worthy plays but 47 sacks and you mentioned the thursday night football game I happened to actually be at that game with my friend of mine for his birthday and that was That was a rough a little bit of a rough watch, but other than that he’s shown some serious promise Do you think that he’s the guy going forward even if they bring somebody else in at head coach?

Matthew Berry: I think he is Let me put it this way He has shown enough promise that I don’t think you bail on him after one year Quarterbacks are hard to find. I mean just think about where we are this week in the nfl like, um Let me think about this like so, I mean, you know among the starting quarterbacks in the nfl I’m gonna look at a sheet here. So I don’t forget anyone But among the quarterbacks in the in the starting quarterbacks in the nfl, right?

You’ve got aiden o’Connell Zach wilson tommy devido, right? Uh, josh dobs has been great, right? But we’ll see who it laterally the bedesman or tayla heineke that comes out dorian thompson robinson for the cleveland browns You know, uh, possibly next week when they come off the by maybe jamis winston is starting for the new orlin sains Obviously josh jobs is going to start for the minnesota vikings. I like josh dobs But my point is it’s like again, you know, you think about this like we This will be the first week in a month that we haven’t had tyson baygent tea bags we like to call them not starting for uh for the bears just um Will levis again again and some of these guys are good or have real promise But it just goes to show you how much turnover there is at the quarterback position How hard it is to find a foundational guy the Commanders are going to be good enough and by good enough I mean in terms of the record. They’re not they’re not in the kala williams sweepstakes They’re not in the drake may sweepstakes unless they mortgage their future, you know and do another like, you know Two or three first round picks things like what they did for rg3.

I can’t see the team doing that Especially given how much promise you’ve seen in sam howl. I think you’re better off again Think about think about some of the other quarterbacks in the nfl. Yes some quarterbacks coming to the nfl and they crush right away We’re seeing it with cj stroud But I mean trevor lorence was brutal his first year in the nfl Honestly, and I think that was more urban mire than anything else, but it took him a while uh, think about um Whatever, I mean, uh, I’m trying to think of another good example.

Zach Hiduk: Yes mac jones going down the toilet

Matthew Berry: Mac we’re still waiting on mac jones. I mean, you know, um, uh, we’re still waiting on um Uh, who’s who’s a who’s another good example here daniel jones?

Zach Hiduk: Yeah, daniel jones daniel jones like there were a couple of years where you’re just like you don’t know about daniel jones Right and I don’t think you can I mean they’ve been so bad this year just up and down the line Injuries and everything like that. I don’t think you can blame that daniel jones jared golf

Matthew Berry: Because we’re talking about the uh, the uh, the lions here jared golf You know they up and down with the rams and now in ben johnson’s system with those weapons like jared golf’s been You know a borderline top 12 guy Kirk cousins it took him a while as well. So I just think Sam howl has shown enough promise that I would build around him and try to I would spend my money in this off season. I would spend my first run pick on building the offensive line Because I think yes, he holds the ball a little bit too long But also I think the offensive line needs to improve in a significant way All

Zach Hiduk: right, well, we’ll see what they do they’re going forward that uh guy last year who did seem to have uh some promise And we thought was poised for a big year was jahan dotts and uh that hasn’t seemed to materialize. Do you have any idea why?

Matthew Berry: He’s had his flashes. I think part of it is how you know, biannamy comes from kansas city First of health he was great at the start of his rookie year.

He was great towards the end He missed a decent amount amount of games in the middle and now he’s a second second year in the nfl second offensive coordinator He’s also again. He’s been banged up a little bit here and the way biannamy although You know biannamy is is involving logan thomas. He’s involving kurtis samuel suddenly biren pringle and diamie brown are getting snaps And so, you know, he’s bringing sort of that kansas city, you know Any given guy kind of mentality to the Commanders? She’s great except for the fact that You know, well, I like her to samuel mclauren and dotts and are cut above everyone else So I i’m not ready to bail on jahan dotts and just yet

Zach Hiduk: Yeah, yeah, I know one of the things we’ve been seeing too is that uh, I think his yards per reception has dropped a lot I think it was like 14 or 15 last year and maybe down to about 10 this year. So Hopefully we’ll see some stuff going forward and maybe in your dynasty leagues.

You uh, you know, don’t sell them low here this year and wait for Wait for next year Uh, just to hit real quick. So the Commanders, you know, as they were selling at the trade deadline got rid of uh, sweat and young their defensive uh ed rushers there You feel like you like those moves for helping you guys going forward or um, did you feel like they could have gotten a little more for Chase young there. What’s your opinion? Just real quick on that if you don’t mind

Matthew Berry: real quickly I I think they made the right move in trading those guys. I don’t know that they were going to be back I think we need assets as well and we’re not going anywhere this year montez sweats go into the the bears That’s a borderline first round pick The bears are going to have one of the earliest picks in the nfl draft next year. So It’s going to be an early second round pick. So it’s probably going to be like pick 34 35 So that’s a great thing. I think that’s great for for sweat given where they were And with chase young, I guess you’re talking to a bunch of insiders.

The issues are the knees You know, there was just concern about the the long-term help of chase young So I think they probably did the best that they could there I thought it was mistake not to pick up his fifth year option But once they made that decision that was for various decision, then I do think get something for them.

Zach Hiduk: Sure Yeah, uh last guy here on the commander specifically. Well, I may be giving you an answer here There’s only one running back who has two number one running back finishes on the seasons and uh, that is brian robinson Does he continue that level of production? I mean, he had what 119 yards on it might have only been like five catches this other week Uh, I know you really like him, but what do we see from him going forward?

Matthew Berry: From fantasy in this one, I mean, I think he you know, I mean part of the problem It was nice to see the passing game usage against seattle I don’t know how typical that is like a really nice play design by dany and they went to it twice And that was like two, you know close to 50 yard Past receptions. I don’t know how much of that is brian, you know, again really well designed play He catches the ball.

He’s off to the races. I don’t know if you see that much uh from him I know they like gibson in the passing game as well But I like brian robinson’s talent quite a bit. I mean just remember this is a guy that’s less than a year and a half removed from being shot he was shot I like the fact that the guy played five, you know last year was unbelievable um, and so uh You know, I think he’s shown a lot and as he can continue to improve his passing game usage That’s great.

That’s important because the Commanders are down in a lot of games And so we’ve seen this, you know, it’s kind of ebbed and flow with him, but in games in which The Commanders have not been um competitive He’s sort of gone away and they’ve gone to gibson. So So I will say, I think this week against the New York Giants, no team in the NFL has given up more touchdowns, rushing touchdowns to opposing running backs than the New York Giants. I think Robinson gets into the end zone. I like an anytime touchdown bet on buying Brian Robinson. I do think he’s a borderline top 20 play this week. And I think he’s probably high end, flex low end RB to the rest of the year.

Zach Hiduk: All right. Well, sticking with fantasy, uh, Amon Ross, St. Brown was your ride or die player for 2023 looks like you definitely nailed that one. Currently wide receiver seven in PPR leagues, uh, just pretty much dominating every chance he gets here. Uh, who else though, were you kicking around? I know on your podcast, uh, a couple of days ago, you were, uh, mentioning some of these guys. Was there anybody else that you were deciding between and how those players turned out versus Amon Ra? Yeah.

Matthew Berry: You know what? Honestly, and thank God I made the right, right call. So we did this thing at rota world where just basically all the rota world at NBC talent, you know, so Jay Croucher and Roger’s, uh, Denny Carter, Pat Dordy, aka roto Pat Lawrence Jackson at Lord don’t lose Kyle, the Vorecheck, et cetera, et cetera. They all made a plea to me, a pitch to me, if you will, here’s who should be your ride or die. Here’s who I think your ride or die should be. Um, and so among the names and they were all like good suggestions. So I will tell you at the quarterback position, uh, Justin Fields, Justin Herbert and Anthony Richardson were all suggested. Um, Trevor Lawrence is somebody that was on the initial list as well.

And obviously you think about all those guys there. Thank Richardson would have been the one guy, but again, he got hurt, but he was looking. Uh, Richardson would have been the one guy that I think also would have been a good call, but again, you know, you can’t predict injury running back wise. Tony Pollard, which thank goodness, right? And I thought Tony Pollard was too, uh, the two names that were thrown to me were Tony Pollard and Bijon Robinson. And I just, I thought Bijon was too obvious and Pollard also might be a little bit obvious. Again, thank goodness.

Uh, I didn’t go either either that way. Thought about Jameer Gibbs, uh, as well, which at the beginning of the year was looking bad. Now it’s, it’s looking like, okay, thank goodness. Um, Gibbs was on the list. Wide receiver wise Garrett Wilson and Chris Olave were on the list, uh, as well. But obviously for different reasons, those guys seasons haven’t gone as well as we would have hoped, uh, as well. And then I don’t think I had a tight end, uh, on the list.

So that was the list. But for me, it was, uh, I’m on raw was kind of the clubhouse leader for moment one. I was just sort of, we were having fun with it on social, but I never kind of, I never really wavered from I’m on raw. And you know, we just, we wanted to do a buildup. So, um, it was, you know, it was always good to have a good start. And to be on raw.

Zach Hiduk: Well, I know us here at the 32 beat writers team, we’re happy when you chose him where, uh, we loved him. So, uh, yeah, yeah. Super, super, uh, worked out for you. That is so, um, and very insightful on your part. I should credit you for that.

Matthew Berry: Um, well, I just, I knew a bunch of things. Like number one is like knew that like he hadn’t, writer dies always was like, well, I’m on raw was obvious.

And I’m like, no, no, no, it’s not about somebody that like you’ve never heard of that you think is that’s a sleeper. Writer die is like, here’s somebody that has a, had a level of success, but isn’t being thought of as an elite fantasy talent. And I think this person makes that leap this year. Last year, Jaylen Hertz was a known quantity, but he was going in the seventh round of drafts and he was going as a borderline QB one. Like he was going in the eight to 10 range among quarterbacks. And I said, he’s got a chance to be the number one quarterback in fantasy. Same with Austin Echler, two years ago. Austin Echler was going to the end of the second round.

Everyone was arguing. He can’t score touchdowns. He’s too small. He’s just a passing down back. And I’m like, think about how Lombardi used Camara and New Orleans.

I think he can score touchdowns. It was just flukey. He got bad luck last year. Two years before he’d scored double touchdowns. Then of course that was the first year he scored 18 touchdowns.

Echler was top two fantasy running back, even though he’d been drafted as like running back eight or 10. So it’s not about like obscure. It’s about this guy takes the next level. And I thought I’m on raw at the time that I made the declaration was going as like wide receiver 12. And I’m like, I think this guy has top five fantasy wide receiver upside. And if everything breaks right, he could be the number one wide receiver in fantasy. That’s not going to happen.

But top five very much within range here. And if you drafted on raw, St. Brown, Zach, as you know, like you feel really good about it. And so I felt like knowing what I know about him and the offense. And I know that him and Jared golf worked out all summer. I also know the guy. I don’t know him personally. I’ve been a reader before, but I don’t know him, but I know people around the Lions organization who tell me, I’m on raw, just a great kid knows in the playbook, not a big party or nothing like that. Somebody who understands football as a job takes it very seriously. And, um, and so, you know, those are all the attributes that you want. Right. Yeah.

Zach Hiduk: Yeah. And he’s doing it a little bit differently this year. Last year, I think it was eight, at least, uh, in my half PPR league, if I’m remembering that correctly. Uh, but this year, I mean, he’s just like last year, it seemed like he was just kind of consistent, you know, wide receiver two and up. And now he’s, I mean, wide receiver one week’s all over the board here.

So, uh, that’s, that’s been great to see. Uh, is there anybody though who maybe surprised you a little bit this year that maybe you were down on a bit, uh, kind of flipping the script there? Anybody that surprised you who was maybe a little bit lower on your expectations, uh, but is surprised you.

Matthew Berry: Dak Prescott. I’ve never been a huge Dak Prescott fan. The turnovers, everything like that. I thought Mike McCarthy would be more run heavy. It’s one of the reasons why I was considering Tony Pollard. He has traditionally been sort of run when he was in green Bay in, and he had Aaron Rodgers, he still was more run heavy. He spoke all off season about how he wanted to get more balanced and wanted to run more this year. Um, and so I just didn’t, you know, and, and I was looking smart for the first, whatever, four or five weeks the season, but I mean, over the last month, that’s basically been the best quarterback in fantasy football. So, uh, definitely was wrong on, uh, on him on, uh, on Dak Prescott.

Zach Hiduk: All right. Uh, another quarterback, uh, I, this is a personal request from Zach ring. He really wanted to see what your answer would be on this is the Deshaun Watson contract, the worst contract in sports history next year. He has a $64 million cap hit.

I think that continues for the next several years as well at about that number. He’s made an appearance in just 12 games. Of course, that includes the suspension and now this injury that we’re seeing to his shoulder.

There’s a lot of stuff coming out of, I think Wednesday about, you know, kind of that being announced by everybody and how tough he supposedly was and all of that. Um, I don’t know, uh, what your thoughts on how that whole situation has played out, but do you think that it, it is the worst contract in sports history? I do not.

Matthew Berry: I do not. I, I don’t think it’s even close to the worst contract in sports history. Um, I’ll tell you why. And by the way, I’m no Deshaun Watson fan, not a fan of the player, not a fan of the person, but I will tell you that Deshaun Watson has, is an elite quarterback in the NFL. He’s shown it at moments this year. Yes, he’s been hurt. Yes, there is, uh, yes, there’s obviously a lot of baggage that comes with Deshaun Watson trying to think of the best way to say that, but, um, but it’s a quarterback desperate league.

Yeah. You weren’t getting Deshaun Watson again, and you can decide whether or not this was the right move and whether you want to make this guy the face of your franchise. And that’s, but from a pure football perspective, we’re on a fantasy football podcast, a football podcast. I’m going to talk about it purely from a football perspective. The NFL is a quarterback driven league.

There aren’t nearly enough of them. And Deshaun Watson is a, what is he, 26, 26 year old quarterback who has played at the highest levels, uh, in the NFL. He’s an elite level NFL quarterback.

He has shown that skill set, whether he can regain it, whether he can regain it consistently remains to be seen, but that was the price of doing business. I mean, again, like he wasn’t coming to Cleveland otherwise. There were other, you know, New Orleans wanted them. Um, you know, there are other teams that wanted him. So if they, you know, if they’d done like a hundred and 50 million dollar contract or whatever, like they weren’t getting him. You know, if, if, if you’re a young single man, you’d rather live other places than Cleveland. And so, um, I would argue, I would argue Jimbo Fisher is the worst contract in sports right now. Texas A &M is going to pay him 76 million more dollars to not coach for them. Over the next, I think eight years or whatever it is. And I think you can even go all the way back to Bobby Bonilla, who the Mets still play, you know, we always have fun with it. I was happy Bobby Bonilla day, you know, the Mets, whatever, you know, two decades after Bobby Bonilla played for them, they’re still paying them out.

Those are the first two that jumped to my mind. Cause D’shawn Watson is still a viable quarterback in the NFL. The injuries are tough, obviously, but no, I don’t think it’s anywhere close to the worst contract in sports history. Yeah.

Zach Hiduk: Yeah. I think I’m generally in agreement, uh, you know, even though his play has been a little bit disappointing, uh, it’s, it’s yeah, remains to be seen for the next couple of years, what that’s going to look like.

Matthew Berry: If he stayed healthy for this year, you know, again, I’m not a defender of the guy. I’m not a fan. Yeah. But like when you’re hearing all the stuff that was wrong with him and he still came back and beat Baltimore, I mean, Cleveland was the favorite or, you know, very close to the favorite of winning this division.

Right. And I get it’s the defense and everything like that. But the fact is, is like, had he stayed healthy, there’s an argument that the Browns are in the mix for the Super Bowl and like, you know, probably not anymore. But like that defense is Super Bowl collar. Well, they’re, you know, you feel bad for Browns fans because this was lining up to be their year and the Nick Chubb injuries brutal and now Watson as well. Yeah.

Zach Hiduk: Yeah. As a Nick Chubb dynasty owner, that still hurts me, uh, to this day. We’ll see if I can, uh, even get through the playoffs there without him. But, uh, to move on, uh, to a couple of general NFL questions here real quick, we’ll kind of, we’ll make these quick so we can get you out of here. But, uh, do you have a Super Bowl favorite in your, I kind of, I’ve been liking the Ravens when they put everything together, but like you mentioned, they just got beaten by the Cleveland Brown. So is there anybody that you’re feeling really good about that you’d say, yeah, I think they’re, I think they’re my Super Bowl pick.

Matthew Berry: I mean, I think, I, I think the Ravens, I don’t think you can ever count out the chiefs. Um, and, uh, we’ll see what the Bengals do. Right. I mean, I just named three teams there, but I do think, I do think it’s probably Ravens or chiefs at this point, although I’m, you know, I’m certainly, uh, you know, I’m partial to the, uh, I’m partial to the Bengals, Joe Burrow and Jamar Chaser investors in my company. Um, so, you know, obviously root for them NFC side. I really think it’s got to be the Eagles or the Cowboys. You know, I mean, although would listen Ravens lion Super Bowl. Now that would be fun. I don’t think the lions are, I don’t think it’s crazy to think the lions could get there.

Zach Hiduk: No, like you mentioned there, uh, offensive coordinator is going to be a really hot coaching candidate, uh, for this coming season. So, uh, I would, I would, yeah, I would probably think that might be my favorite combination there, but nobody’s going to hate seeing the Bengals either if they can make it all the way.

Matthew Berry: Let’s do lions chiefs would be fun. You know, first game of the season, last game of the season, lions chiefs.

Zach Hiduk: That would be, and the lions won that. So that has storylines written all over it. Um, we’ll do a rapid fire thing here. Uh, just a quick game. Will this quarterback be a starter somewhere week one of the 2024 season?

All right, we’ll do it quick here. Jordan love. No. Ooh, Mack Jones. No. Justin Fields. Yes. Desmond Ritter. No. Daniel Jones. Yes. Uh, we’ll throw this one in Derek Carr. Yes. Geno Smith. Penny Hickett.

Matthew Berry: Yes. Yes. I mean, again, it’s sort of like, you kind of want to say yes, just because are you, you’re saying like at the start of the year, right? Because I mean, the truth of the matter is, is I think last year over 60 different quarterbacks got a start again. We just sort of talked about, um, Doreen Thompson, Robinson is going to be the third starting quarterback for the Browns this year. Arizona had Clayton Tune and Josh Dobbs. And now they’re with Kyla Murray, Desmond Ritter and Tyler, Taylor, Heineke for the Falcons, Goff and Herbert.

Okay, fine. But we’re down to third, you know, Tyrod Taylor, Daniel Jones and Tommy DeVito for the Giants got Dak. Sam Hal, great. Geno Smith, great. But Aaron Rogers, Zach Wilson, Derek Carr. I’m not Derek Carr. Jimmy Garoppolo and Aiden O’Connell and Brian Hoyer for the Raiders.

That’s three. Um, let’s see Russell Wilson, Josh Wilson. Let’s see Josh Allen, Trevor Lawrence. Okay. Brock Purdy, um, but Sam Darnold, you know, we saw, you know, Sam Darnold, we saw some Sam Darnold, Baker Mayfield.

Okay. But Ryan Tannehill will love us. Kenny Pickett, George, uh, Jordan Love, Kirk Cousins, Josh Dobbs, um, and, uh, uh, Jared Hall, three quarterbacks now in four Minnesota. We’ve seen James play some, uh, you Derek Carr and James. Okay. Uh, let’s see, uh, didn’t, uh, Burroughs missed a game, right? It was Brown, wasn’t it? Didn’t Jake Browning play?

Zach Hiduk: I don’t know if he did. That’s a great question. I feel like the answer I thought was going to be yes at the beginning of season when he was having that cap issue. Um, I don’t even miss time,

Matthew Berry: but maybe, maybe I could be wrong about that. But Tyson, but it looked that up, right? We’ll click on, I’m going through this. But, um, Bryce Young and Andy Dalton, Andy Dalton made a start this year. Uh, Tyson, Bajan and Justin Fields, obviously Anthony Richardson and Gardner Minshew, um, uh, you got Mack Jones, but I mean, we’ll, we’ll see some, um, we’ll see some, uh, I think you’ll see some, uh, maybe we’ve seen Bailey’s happy play multiple games here. Um, let’s see.

Zach Hiduk: Um, and Jake Browning did start.

Matthew Berry: So Stafford, we’ve seen Stafford and, um, Brett Rippon. And I feel like there was one other guy for the Rams that came in for Stafford.

Zach Hiduk: Yeah. Um, yeah, I’d have to go back and look again on that. I know that, uh, the Stetson Bennett didn’t get the start there. That was, um, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Why am I blanking on this? I don’t know. They brought in Carson Wentz. I can name everybody else on the rest.

Matthew Berry: No, it was Brett Rippon that got the start against Green Bay.

Zach Hiduk: There we go. Yeah. Yeah. But I was trying to think of there’s somebody else other than Brett Rippon. Are they, maybe it may have been. Not off the top of my head. I think they just brought, uh, Carson Wentz in and yes, that’s the Bennett he’s been out due to injury.

Matthew Berry: So my point is, it’s like, you just saw me roll through all the names of these quarterbacks that have already made a start as we get into week 11 of the NFL season and potentially there’s more coming. You know, um, uh, so, you know, we’ll see. Um, uh, so anyway, so it’s hard to say any quarterback. Won’t, but like beginning of the year, I think there’s a real Jordan love loses his job in Green Bay. I think there’s a real chance that, um, uh, who’s the first guy you asked me about?

Zach Hiduk: Uh, Jordan love, Mack Jones, Justin Fields. Yeah.

Matthew Berry: I mean, it feels like, yeah. I mean, you know, uh, feels will be a starter somewhere, but I just, I mean, you know, you’re hearing all these rumors that Mack has lost the locker room. And I know the Patriots will see what with Bailey Zappi. I hear they were like, really like Will Greer. Like I grabbed will Greer in a dynasty league just because, you know, like, like I’m talking to a source around the Patriots, they just said, I wouldn’t be surprised if they turned to will Greer at some point in the future.

This was a couple of weeks ago and I grabbed them. So we’ll see, but clearly, you know, things aren’t great in New England between Mack Jones and the team. Yeah.

Zach Hiduk: No, as a Patriots fan, uh, that has been, uh, really interesting to watch. And yeah, you mentioned will Greer, a lot of the beat writers up there, I think would kind of rather see him start than any of the, uh, guys behind them, like Malik Cunningham or Bailey Zappi. Bailey Zappi is kind of just a Mack Jones light.

So I don’t think that provides a solution there. So, uh, yeah, we’ll see what happens next year with all those quarterbacks. Uh, I want to make sure we get you out of here. But before we let you go, just let everybody know who doesn’t already, where we can find what you do and your work and all of that.

Matthew Berry: NBC or You can go there for all my, uh, written content as well. Fantasy football. Have you listened to this year podcast fan? So fantasy football, happy hours available wherever you get podcasted also, also airs live at noon every day on peacock. It’s available on demand on peacock and on the NFL on NBC YouTube channel. And then every Sunday morning, fantasy football pregame, 11 a.m. All the way up until kickoff. That’s on the NFL on NBC YouTube channel and on peacock. We answer more questions than any other fantasy pregame show out there. Just use the hashtag FF pregame or comment on the YouTube stream.

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It really does. Also, if you haven’t yet, be sure to check out our Patreon and all the previous podcasts at our website, for Matthew Barry. I’m Zach Hiduk. We’ll see you.

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