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NFL News Summary for Tuesday, July 18th, 2023

July 19, 2023

Dallas Cowboys

At his youth camp, Dak Prescott was vocal about the impact Mike McCarthy has made on the team’s passing game. He stated, “They know where the hell to be, why to be and when they’re getting looked at. That’s going to be a big jump, I think. We won’t have those tipped interceptions this year.” This seems to highlight a renewed confidence in the team’s offensive strategy. In the 2020 season, the Cowboys’ passing game had its ups and downs, with Prescott himself having a few interceptions off tips. With McCarthy’s guidance, it appears the offense aims to rectify this issue.

Jacksonville Jaguars

During the offseason, Evan Engram joined a roster of Jaguars skill players in Scottsdale to hone their game with quarterback Trevor Lawrence. Engram’s comments indicate a strong bond among the players. He remarked, “We didn’t miss a beat. Trevor looks good, he’s leading the team. Calvin [Ridley], Christian [Kirk], Zay [Jones], all the young guys are out there working. So I can’t wait to see what we can do when we put everything together.” In another development, rookie Tank Bigsby has been turning heads with his performance. Cited by a report from John Shipley, the young running back showcased prowess in the passing game, which seems to have dispelled earlier concerns. Bernie Parmalee, the Jaguars’ RB Coach, was particularly effusive about Bigsby’s potential, stressing how the rookie stood out during film analysis and seemed a perfect fit for the team’s aspirations.

Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs’ receiving unit might have found a new standout in Sky Moore, a second-year player aiming to fill the void left by JuJu Smith-Schuster. Having made an impressive mark during the mandatory minicamp, Moore received praise from head coach Andy Reid. He said, “Skyy’s worked real hard this offseason. He looks like he’s on the same page with Patrick. He’s doing a nice job. Let’s keep on advancing as we go.” Furthermore, defensive tackle Turk Wharton will start the Chiefs’ camp on the PUP (Physically Unable to Perform) list. Andy Reid also hinted that Isiah Pacheco might be the only other name added to this list, signaling concerns about the player’s fitness levels.

Los Angeles Rams

Amidst circulating rumors, the Rams made it clear they hadn’t considered trading Matthew Stafford or renegotiating his contract. Kevin Demoff, the team’s COO, further clarified, “If we wanted out of Matthew’s deal, we could’ve walked away.” He did, however, acknowledge that other franchises showed interest in Stafford.

New England Patriots

The Patriots‘ strategy in team-building has come under scrutiny. Notably, Bill Belichick has been cautious about investing in high-end receivers, leading to debates about the future direction of the team. The onus might be on Mac Jones to prove he can shoulder the team’s offensive burden. Observers feel Jones needs to elevate his game further, or the Patriots might either revamp their team-building approach or seek alternatives.

New Orleans Saints

In recent team updates, Kendre Miller and AT Perry have been placed on the non-football injury list. This suggests that while their injuries aren’t related to on-field action, they might need to spend some time recovering before rejoining team activities.

Stock Up:

  1. Dak Prescott & Dallas Cowboys: Prescott’s comments indicate increased confidence in the team’s offensive strategy under Mike McCarthy, which can be seen as a positive sign for their performance in the upcoming season.
  2. Evan Engram & Jacksonville Jaguars: Engram’s camaraderie with Trevor Lawrence and the other skill players hints at a strong team dynamic, which is essential for successful play execution.
  3. Tank Bigsby & Jacksonville Jaguars: The rookie’s significant praise from the Jaguars’ RB Coach Bernie Parmalee and his standout performance in the passing game boosts his stock considerably.
  4. Sky Moore & Kansas City Chiefs: As Moore is poised to fill the void left by JuJu Smith-Schuster and has received commendation from Andy Reid, his stock appears to be on the rise.
  5. Matthew Stafford & Los Angeles Rams: Despite trade rumors, the Rams’ clarification that they value Stafford and the interest from other franchises indicate his stock remains high.

Stock Down:

  1. Turk Wharton & Kansas City Chiefs: Starting the camp on the PUP list indicates health or fitness concerns, which could impact his playing time and, consequently, his stock.
  2. Isiah Pacheco & Kansas City Chiefs: Andy Reid’s hint that Pacheco might also be added to the PUP list shows potential health or fitness concerns, which might affect his stock.
  3. Mac Jones & New England Patriots: This indicates there are concerns about whether Jones can consistently shoulder the team’s offensive burden. This uncertainty can lead to a decreased stock unless he can prove his critics wrong.
  4. Kendre Miller & AT Perry & New Orleans Saints: Being placed on the non-football injury list is typically not a positive sign for a player’s immediate prospects, and it might hint at a temporary decline in their stock.
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