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NFL News Summary for Thursday, June 29th, 2023

July 10, 2023

Baltimore Ravens

  • OBJ makes one-handed, fingertips catch. Ravens WR Coach Keith Williams: “Oh, I like that type of stuff! I like that type of stuff!” WRs: “No you don’t!” Williams: “Only from him.”

Cleveland Browns

  • Suggests bigger passing-game role for #Browns RB Nick Chubb, which seems inevitable post-Kareem Hunt.

Indianapolis Colts

  • Michael Pittman has played like a star when isolated from terrible QB play the last two years. When you look at his game through the #ReceptionPerception lens, you see a super underrated player.

Los Angeles Rams

New England Patriots

  • Sources: The #Patriots & WR DeVante Parker reached an agreement on a 3-year new contract worth up to $33M. The deal, done by Parker’s long-time agent and owner of Management One Jimmy Gould, also includes $14M in guarantees and per-game roster bonuses. Parker finds a home in NE.

San Francisco 49ers

  • Interesting stuff from the @TheHerd. Mark Schlereth who called the #49ers week 2 game vs Seattle says that the 49ers didn’t get the athlete they thought they were getting with Trey Lance. He thinks that it limited some of the run game that they were originally intending with him.
  • According to Profootball Reference, Purdy was 75%, 6-8 with 6 touchdowns, inside the opponents 10.
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