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NFL News Summary for Monday, July 17th, 2023

July 18, 2023

Dallas Cowboys

  • The Dallas Cowboys and running back Tony Pollard are unlikely to strike a deal before the 4 p.m. franchise tag deadline. Pollard, ranked as the No. 9 running back, is slated to play on a $10.1M franchise tag that he signed in March. There was apparently no substantial discussion about a long-term agreement.

Jacksonville Jaguars

  • The Jacksonville Jaguars have reached a 3-year, $42.5M agreement with Pro Bowl tight end Evan Engram, securing $25.5M guaranteed ahead of the deadline. Engram had an impressive previous season, setting career records with 73 catches and 766 yards. This signing potentially boosts the Jaguars’ offensive capability significantly.

Las Vegas Raiders

  • Josh Jacobs, running back for the Las Vegas Raiders, came close to signing an extension but ultimately did not before the deadline. He and teammate Maxx Crosby were even prepared to sign the contract at the Raiders’ facility. His return to the field now seems uncertain.

New York Giants

  • Saquon Barkley and the New York Giants have been in talks regarding a possible deal, with the Giants reportedly offering Barkley $22 million guaranteed money, which matches the amount if he were franchised two years consecutively. However, as of the latest updates, both parties were not close to finalizing a long-term agreement with less than eight hours to the franchise tag deadline.

Tennessee Titans

  • Wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins is likely to benefit from his move to the Tennessee Titans. As a volume receiver, playing in Nashville would allow him to maintain his style. Throughout his career, Hopkins has flourished regardless of the quarterback, simplifying their jobs. His past experience with Titans’ coach Mike Vrabel in Houston should be advantageous as Vrabel is familiar with Hopkins’ approach to the game.

Stock Up

  1. Evan Engram (Jacksonville Jaguars): With a secured 3-year, $42.5M deal, including $25.5M guaranteed, and coming off a career-high season, Engram’s stock is certainly up. He’s shown solid performance, and his new deal reflects that.
  2. DeAndre Hopkins (Tennessee Titans): The move to the Titans is expected to benefit Hopkins, allowing him to play as a volume receiver. His ability to perform well regardless of the quarterback and his prior experience with coach Mike Vrabel also bolsters his stock.

Stock Down

  1. Tony Pollard (Dallas Cowboys): While it’s not necessarily a devastating blow to Pollard’s stock, the fact that he and the Cowboys are not close to a long-term deal might be seen as a minor downturn. Playing on the franchise tag means a good short-term payout, but it also indicates uncertainty about his future with the team.
  2. Josh Jacobs (Las Vegas Raiders): Jacobs’ stock might be down due to the uncertainty surrounding his future with the Raiders. He was close to signing an extension, but that didn’t happen, and his return is now unclear.
  3. Saquon Barkley (New York Giants): Barkley’s stock could also be seen as down. Despite being offered $22 million in guaranteed money, the running back and the Giants are reportedly not close to finalizing a long-term agreement. This uncertainty and the ongoing negotiations could be seen as a temporary decline in his stock.
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