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We are a team dedicated to featuring NFL news with a focus on offseason and in season events. We report on everything from the Senior Bowl to in season metrics.  We specifically partner with teams’ beat writers to keep our listeners and readers up to date on everything happening that will impact the NFL season.

Want to know the latest and most in-depth news straight from the sources?  We’ve got your back.

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Elevate Your NFL Experience. Go Beyond the Headlines.

Are you an NFL fan seeking more than just the surface-level buzz? Dive deep with us as we bridge the gap between fans and the field, giving you direct access to the beating heart of all 32 NFL teams; the beat writers.

Exclusive Insights: We partner with NFL beat writers from each team, extracting the most tantalizing tidbits before they even hit the press.

Fantasy Edge: Elevate your fantasy league prowess with insider information. Make those game-changing decisions with confidence.

Format & Frequency: Indulge in 35 to 45 minutes of intense NFL analysis and light-hearted analysis, served fresh every week.

Why 32Beats? Because we believe in raw, unfiltered insights. We know that in the fast-paced world of the NFL, tweets only scratch the surface. Join us on our journey as we dive deep, ensuring you’re always ahead of the game.

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