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Rookies That Could Make a Splash

Arizona Cardinals

Trey Benson | Rd. 3 | RB | 9.76 RAS

  • Fairly open competition in RB room
  • Will share work with James Conner but could take over late in season
  • OL lead the league in yards before contact last season and just added Jonah Williams
  • Good scheme for running backs, good mentor in Conner who can help improve Benson’s technique and consistency

Dadrion Taylor-Demerson | Rd. 4 | S | 8.10 RAS

  • Constantly around the football, great ability to read the quarterback
  • Can learn from a great veteran in Budda Baker
  • May begin his career defending from the nickel
  • Will need to work on discipline, can be faked out by play action and misdirection

Atlanta Falcons

Michael Penix Jr. | Rd. 1 | QB | 9.75 RAS

  • Exciting from a long-term perspective
  • Current market for TE and RB allows the team to keep young skill players together for a long time
  • Excellent young offensive line 
  • Incredibly talented passer with surprising athleticism and a good mentor in a position to teach

Brandon Dorlus | Rd. 4 | DT | 8.66 RAS

  • Joining a roster hurting for depth along the defensive line
  • Has the athleticism and pass rush ability to contribute early on passing downs
  • Great mentors to learn from in Grady Jarrett and David Onyemata
  • Will need to work to develop a pass rush plan and improve his fundamentals but the core skills are present

Baltimore Ravens

Devontez Walker | Rd. 4 | WR | 9.76 RAS

  • Young receiver room with plenty of opportunity to compete for reps
  • Big body receiver with the ability to take the top off the defense
  • Will play on the outside in three receiver sets to start out the season, may move above Bateman by the end of the season
  • Tough spot in a run-heavy offense 

Nate Wiggins | Rd. 1 | CB | 9.44 RAS

  • Has a great chance of earning a starting spot and get on the field early
  • Great athlete with the ability to succeed playing multiple styles of coverage
  • A little light but has the frame to add more weight without sacrificing his athleticism
  • Will need to improve his physicality and ability in run support to achieve his potential

Buffalo Bills

Keon Coleman | Rd. 2 | WR | 8.18 RAS

  • Good position to earn reps early with very little competition for the outside receiver spot
  • Better athlete than testing indicates with great contested catch ability
  • Potential to be WR1 in a high powered offense
  • Will need to develop his route running technique but has the physical gifts to succeed

Cole Bishop | Rd. 2 | S | 9.88 RAS

  • Will compete for a starting spot but will need some time to learn and adjust before he can
  • Slightly limited in the roles he can perform immediately but has plenty of potential
  • Great athlete with sure tackling ability and a nose for the football
  • Good in coverage with the ability to man up with NFL tight ends but can get distracted in zone

Carolina Panthers

Xavier Legette | Rd. 1 | WR | 9.90 RAS

  • Freaky athlete with ability to take the top off of defenses
  • Tough competition in the receiver room but relatively open path on the outside
  • Great position to develop his technique learning from two great route runners 
  • Will take some time to develop before he is trusted as a WR1

Trevin Wallace | Rd. 3 | LB | 9.34 RAS

  • Very athletic rangy linebacker who is constantly around the football
  • May struggle to get on the field early but has the opportunity to learn from veterans
  • Needs to show he can improve on his ability to diagnose plays before he will start
  • Will contribute on special teams immediately

Chicago Bears

Caleb Williams | Rd. 1 | QB | N/A RAS

  • Ability to make any throw on the field
  • Surrounded by potentially the best group of skill players in the league
  • May need some time to adjust to the structure of an NFL offense
  • Potential to be one of the best quarterbacks in the league from week one

Austin Booker | Rd. 5 | EDGE | 7.02 RAS

  • Will have to compete for reps along a very talented defensive line 
  • Has the frame to add more weight which will help his chances getting reps later in the season
  • Ability to counter when his rush is stopped, has a natural pass rushing ability
  • Could improve on his run defense but this could come with added weight and strength

Cincinnati Bengals

Erick All | Rd. 4 | TE | N/A RAS

  • In a great spot to develop his route running and playmaking ability in a strong offense with a talented veteran ahead of him
  • Strong big bodied receiver with ability to make plays after the catch using his athleticism
  • Will provide a good check down option for Joe Burrow
  • Can line up multiple spots and has the frame to develop into a very strong blocker

Kris Jenkins | Rd. 2 | DT | 8.99 RAS

  • Will be a rotational piece early in the year with a chance to develop into a more consistent role
  • Great athlete but smaller frame which affects his ability to anchor
  • Quick hands and plays with excellent effort
  • Father was a four time Pro Bowl DT

Cleveland Browns

Jamari Thrash | Rd. 5 | WR | 6.77 RAS

  • Has an opportunity to ease into his role in the NFL learning behind veteran players
  • Will need to make the most of his opportunities in four-receiver sets which may be limited in this offense
  • Has to develop stronger hands and play through more contact
  • Has an uphill battle to earning reps but has enough ability as a route runner to find the field early

Michael Hall Jr. | Rd. 2 | DT | 9.57 RAS

  • Enters a talented defensive line rotation with the ability to compete for a spot early
  • Will begin contributing on passing downs as an interior rusher
  • Will need to improve consistency and discipline on the field to earn more reps
  • Very athletic with a good motor but slightly undersized for the position

Dallas Cowboys

Ryan Flournoy | Rd. 6 | WR | 9.89 RAS

  • Excellent athlete but sometimes relies on his athleticism too much preventing him from developing other skills
  • Tough competition in a crowded WR room
  • Potential to contribute on special teams
  • Has enough physical ability to compete for reps in three receiver sets as soon as week one

Marist Liufau | Rd. 3 | LB | 5.63 RAS

  • Good IQ and awareness of the play as it unfolds around him, consistently positions himself well in coverage
  • Plays with aggression and toughness against the run 
  • In a position to play early as well as learn from the talented veterans at his position
  • Could work on his reactions in the run game and improve his consistency tackling

Denver Broncos

Troy Franklin | Rd. 4 | WR | 9.02 RAS

  • Reuniting with his college quarterback which has a track record of providing positive results
  • Not much serious competition in the wide receiver room but will need to become more consistent to earn significant reps
  • Could easily begin the season as high as WR2 on the depth chart with the ability to rise throughout the season
  • Talented big bodied receiver with all the physical tools to be successful

Jonah Elliss | Rd. 3 | EDGE | 8.59 RAS

  • Father was two time Pro Bowl defensive tackle in the NFL
  • Could potentially play on and off ball linebacker finding reps early in pass rush packages
  • Plays with great effort and speed off of the edge with a variety of pass rush moves
  • Needs improvement setting the edge against the run which could improve as he adds weight and strength

Detroit Lions

Isaiah Williams | UDFA | WR | 6.34 RAS

  • Will need some time to develop and earn a spot among the starting receivers
  • Great route runner with ability to evade tacklers
  • Can add value as a return man or as a gunner on special teams
  • May be limited to a slot role despite playing on the outside in college as a result of his slightly limited athleticism

Terrion Arnold | Rd. 1 | CB | 9.27 RAS

  • Smooth athlete with the ability to read and adjust to routes quickly
  • Very smart player with excellent communication and ability to play inside or outside
  • Plays the run well and has a great motor, should start immediately
  • May struggle to keep up with the faster receivers down the field but can compensate with his other abilities

Green Bay Packers

MarShawn Lloyd | Rd. 3 | RB | 8.62 RAS

  • Receiving threat with the skill set to start taking snaps week one on passing downs
  • May be limited to passing downs early but has the ability to make plays running between the tackles
  • Excellent athlete with great balance and playmaking ability that can shine in Lafleur’s system
  • Will need to protect the ball more in the NFL than he did in college

Edgerrin Cooper | Rd. 2 | LB | 9.13 RAS

  • A great athlete with impressive playmaking ability
  • Struggles with discipline at times running himself out of plays
  • Has the frame and athleticism to develop into a three down player
  • Should start week one and be in a position to succeed in a talented defense

Houston Texans

Jawhar Jordan | Rd. 6 | RB | 4.60 RAS

  • Great receiver out of the backfields, can provide instant value on passing downs
  • Plays much bigger than his size indicates
  • Smart runner, may not thrive between the tackles but can keep defenses honest
  • Willing blocker which will keep him on the field

Calen Bullock | Rd. 3 | S | 6.37 RAS

  • Has the range and IQ to play in two high looks 
  • Needs to improve consistency in the run game 
  • Will need to put on some weight to remain healthy in the NFL
  • Bullock may get reps as early as week one allowing Jalen Pitre to play more in the slot

Indianapolis Colts

Adonai Mitchell | Rd. 2 | WR | 9.99 RAS

  • Incredibly athletic big bodied receiver 
  • Could potentially take over as WR1 over the course of the season but will face some competition
  • Has a great mentor to learn from in Michael Pittman
  • Ability to take any play to the house but will need to develop his consistency in all levels of his game

Laiatu Latu | Rd. 1 | EDGE | 9.37 RAS

  • Has NFL-ready variety of pass rush moves combined with a great motor and good size
  • Has a good football IQ and understands how to affect the play even if he can’t make it to the QB
  • Is capable of operating as a 4-3 DE or a 3-4 OLB dropping into coverage and will find the field early on a talented defensive line
  • Could improve on his recognition and response against the run as well as his consistency tackling

Jacksonville Jaguars

Brian Thomas Jr. | Rd. 1 | WR | 9.84 RAS

  • Big bodied receiver with the speed to take the top off the defense
  • Sticky hands and excellent contested catch ability
  • Has a relatively open path to starting on the outside and could be the teams WR1 by the end of the season
  • Will need to develop his route running but has the physical tools to be successful

Jarrian Jones | Rd. 3 | CB | 9.61 RAS

  • A great athlete with natural coverage ability understanding how to position himself
  • Can react to plays too often instead of picking up on tells pre-play
  • Has the ability to play either inside or outside
  • Will have some competition before he can start but no starting spot is completely solidified for veteran players on the team

Kansas City Chiefs

Xavier Worthy | Rd. 1 | WR | 9.41 RAS

  • Will benefit from the suspension of Rice
  • Unmatched speed with a very dangerous arm throwing to him
  • Smart football player but will need to improve consistency
  • Could be the secondary target for the start of the season with a chance to cement his role

Jaden Hicks | Rd. 4 | S | 8.97 RAS

  • Has the frame to compete in the box and the athleticism to play deep
  • Great run defender constantly playing downhill
  • Could develop into several different safety roles depending on what is asked of him
  • Will continue to develop but has a good chance of starting early

Las Vegas Raiders

Dylan Laube | Rd. 6 | RB | 8.79 RAS

  • A sharp contrast to the running style of Zamir White
  • Could have an immediate impact on passing downs on passing downs
  • May need to add some weight to his frame to become a more effective pass blocker and runner through the middle
  • An explosive playmaker with a chance to compete for a significant spot in the rotation

Decamerion Richardson | Rd. 4 | CB | 8.61 RAS

  • Great athlete with a tall frame and long arms
  • Can keep up with almost any receiver down the field but can struggle against talented route runners
  • Has no experience playing in the slot which could muddy the path to starting
  • Will need to improve ball skills and turn more incompletions into interceptions

Los Angeles Chargers

Ladd McConkey | Rd. 2 | WR | 9.34 RAS

  • Walking into a very young receiver room with the potential to be WR1 on the team from week one forward
  • May need to add some weight to deal with the consistent punishment of NFL defenders
  • Has Excellent athlete with a full understanding of route running a leverage
  • Very friendly target for Herbert, can operate out of the slot or on the outside

Cam Hart | Rd. 5 | CB | 9.00 RAS

  • Big frame for a corner with better speed and quickness than his testing indicates
  • Uses long arms well to throw receivers off their routes as well as causing turnovers
  • Can get tied up during his drops and can make some mistakes being out of position because of this
  • Has to combine his natural ability with more consistent footwork to start but can be an immediate contributor on special teams

Los Angeles Rams

Blake Corum | Rd. 3 | RB | 8.29 RAS

  • A sturdy and shifty runner with excellent contact balance and ability to make players miss
  • Will help take the pressure of Kyren Williams after a season with a very high snap share
  • Will be a good fit in McVay’s system
  • Fairly interchangeable with Williams so he may get a good mix of passing and early downs

Jared Verse | Rd. 1 | EDGE | 9.60 RAS

  • Fantastic athlete with impressive burst and strong hands and the ability to play on the outside in either 3-4 or 4-3
  • Great balance and flexibility coming around the edge 
  • Has a variety of pass rush moves and plays with a strong motor
  • Will need to improve consistency in technique and tackling 

Miami Dolphins 

Malik Washington | Rd. 6 | WR | 8.63 RAS

  • Another explosive receiver on a fast-paced offense
  • Very tough competition to get on the field early
  • Has the potential to take over in very valuable roles once he has had more time to learn
  • Could contribute on special teams early in his career

Chop Robinson | Rd. 1 | EDGE | 9.72 RAS

  • Great first step paired with powerful hands
  • Impressive athleticism off the edge but may struggle against stronger linemen
  • Plays better against the run than others his size
  • Could add some weight to his frame but could compete for reps early in pass rush sets

Minnesota Vikings

JJ McCarthy | Rd. 1 | QB | N/A RAS

  • Has proven he can lead and contribute to a winning culture
  • Will likely step into a starting role immediately
  • Will operate in a quarterback friendly system with a smart offensive minded head coach
  • Has the best weapon in the NFL in Justin Jefferson

Khyree Jackson | Rd. 4 | CB | 7.86 RAS

  • Entering a fairly open CB competition in Minnesota
  • Has the frame and athletic ability to compete with any NFL receiver
  • Still learning the position and will need to develop his positioning and footwork to keep up with the better route runners
  • Can be very disruptive in press coverage and can contribute early on special teams

New England Patriots

Drake Maye | Rd. 1 | QB | N/A RAS

  • Very athletic quarterback with a strong arm capable of making any throw 
  • Big durable frame, can withstand NFL hits 
  • A threat in the run game as well as throwing the ball
  • Will need to learn more about operating in structure but has all the tools to be successful

Marcellas Dial | Rd. 6 | CB | 7.18 RAS

  • Entering a crowded CB room but has the ball skills and athletic ability to compete
  • Does not have much experience playing on the inside but could have the ability to do so in the NFL
  • Plays aggressive both in pass coverage and against the run but need to play with more discipline at the next level
  • Can improve on his technique and over-aggressiveness

New Orleans Saints

Spencer Rattler | Rd. 5 | QB | 4.00 RAS

  • Noticeable arm talent with more athleticism than his testing indicates
  • Has the potential to compete with Derek Carr for a starting position
  • Enters a run-heavy system which could help him develop
  • Will need to show he can put all the tools together to develop in to an NFL caliber QB

Kool-Aid McKinstry | Rd. 2 | CB | 7.54 RAS

  • Played almost exclusively on the outside but has the IQ and ability to play on the inside
  • Some tough competition to start but should see significant reps in nickel and dime packages
  • Has long limbs which help him affect passes but also impact his ability to change direction and speed
  • Could improve on his aggression and consistency tackling

New York Giants

Tyrone Tracy Jr. | Rd. 5 | RB | 9.78 RAS

  • Great athlete with a history of playing receiver
  • Plays through contact very well and has great balance
  • Stepping into a fairly open competition at the position and has the ability to be the starting back by the end of the year
  • Could feed in the passing games without many other players demanding targets

Andru Phillips | Rd. 3 | CB | 8.13 RAS

  • Athletic and tough corner with the ability to play inside or outside
  • Has struggled to cause turnovers through his career and may struggle at times due to his size
  • Plays with great technique and anticipation but can put himself out of position by playing too aggressively 
  • Has displayed improvement each season in college and has a good opportunity for reps early in the year

New York Jets

Malachi Corley | Rd. 3 | WR | 7.76 RAS

  • May hit some speed bumps adjusting to NFL route trees with Rodgers at quarterback
  • Unique ability after the catch should be enough to keep him on the field
  • Will need to find and settle into his role in the offense, will probably see a good portion of his touches on gadget plays
  • Big and strong enough to line up in the backfield which should help him find his way onto the field

Qwan’tez Stiggers | Rd. 5 | CB | 9.34 RAS

  • Aggressive play style with a sturdy frame and great athleticism
  • Will need some time to develop due to having only one year of experience since high school
  • Had very impressive production in the CFL with five picks after coming back from a two year break from football
  • Steps into a talented CB room but has the measurables to compete for a starting spot early

Philadelphia Eagles

Ainias Smith | Rd. 5 | WR | 7.36 RAS

  • Very sudden athlete, faster than testing indicates
  • Can have an immediate impact on special teams
  • Enters a crowded WR receiver but can learn from the veterans and can benefit from teams focusing on other receivers
  • Will have to perform well to find the field but could be a great compliment out of the slot by the end of the year

Jalyx Hunt | Rd. 3 | EDGE | 9.22 RAS

  • Great athlete with flexibility and power but lack of competition through his career
  • Needs to develop more of a pass rush arsenal
  • Entering a talented defensive line but has a great opportunity to develop
  • May struggle to find snaps early in the season but has shown an ability to learn and develop quickly

Pittsburgh Steelers

Roman Wilson | Rd. 3 | WR | 8.59 RAS

  • Enters an open competition, could be WR1 by the end of the year
  • Still some questions at quarterback but should be entering another run heavy system
  • Excellent blocker should help him find the field early
  • Pickens and Wilson both have enough ability to keep teams attention on both

Payton Wilson | Rd. 3 | LB | 9.89 RAS

  • Great athlete but struggled to stay healthy at times 
  • Good football IQ and consistent motor with full-field range from a MLB spot
  • Athleticism allows him to stick with athletic tight ends and some receivers
  • Could put on weight and develop more strength but could compete for reps as early as week one

San Francisco 49ers

Ricky Pearsall | Rd. 1 | WR | 9.91 RAS

  • Can line up in the slot or outside and is a willing blocker which should help getting snaps early on
  • Very impressive athlete with the ability to adjust to almost any throw but can struggle to threaten the defense deep
  • Enters very strong competition but could be WR3 as early as week 1
  • Very exciting prospect with the questions surrounding Aiyuk’s future in SF

Malik Mustapha | Rd. 4 | S | 9.39 RAS

  • Displays a good understanding of coverages and reading the offense
  • Great run support with aggressive consistent tackling
  • Great athlete with tremendous discipline
  • Could improve his ability playing the ball but will compete for reps early in the season

Seattle Seahawks

AJ Barner | Rd. 4 | TE | 8.70 RAS

  • Big frame and an excellent blocker
  • Will need to develop as a route runner to be an effective receiver but has the athletic ability to be successful
  • TE typically takes time to develop in the NFL but Barner has veterans to learn from
  • A lot of target competition but a very intriguing project player

Byron Murphy II | Rd. 1 | DT | 9.23 RAS

  • Great athlete with a quick first step and powerful hands
  • Has the athleticism and IQ to cover multiple gaps from his alignment
  • Showed the ability to succeed in multiple roles along the defensive line in college
  • Will have to compete to start but will probably be a significant part of the rotation early in the year

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Jalen McMillan | Rd. 3 | WR | 8.67 RAS

  • Enters a crowded wide receiver room but has the potential to compete for the WR3 spot
  • Has two great veterans to learn from
  • Operated almost exclusively out of the slot in college but has the frame and enough athleticism to perform outside
  • Will need some time to develop in order to reach his full potential

Tykee Smith | Rd. 3 | S | 7.43 RAS

  • Tough and physical athlete with a good football IQ
  • Can struggle to keep up with more athletic receivers
  • Can perform in a variety of safety roles but is sometimes too aggressive
  • Fairly open safety competition should allow Smith to find the field early in the year

Tennessee Titans

Jha’Quan Jackson | Rd. 6 | WR | 5.34 RAS

  • More explosive than testing indicates, knows his limitations and is smart enough to put himself in winning positions
  • Natural athlete with good hands but a little undersized
  • Could be an immediate contributor on special teams
  • Will have a fight to earn targets but holds a skillset the other receivers may be lacking

Cedric Gray | Rd. 4 | LB | 7.25 RAS

  • Stood out at the Senior Bowl competing against NFL level talent
  • Physical, athletic, aggressive, consistently around the football and forcing turnovers
  • A little light and does not have legitimate recovery speed in coverage
  • Enters a relatively open competition at his position with the potential of getting starting reps week one

Washington Commanders 

Ben Sinnott | Rd. 2 | TE | 9.73 RAS

  • A very versatile TE with the ability to line up almost anywhere
  • Impressive athlete with strong hands
  • Has a fantastic veteran to learn from in Ertz
  • Great blocker on a team that wants to run the ball more should help him get on the field early

Jer’Zhan Newton | Rd. 2 | DT | N/A RAS

  • Great athlete who plays with leverage and strong hands
  • A very durable and tough athlete with a relentless motor
  • Can be versatile in alignment but will have to compete with a talented defensive line
  • Reads the run well which should help him from being restricted to passing downs early in the year

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