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Senior Bowl 2024 Summary – Day 1

Today marked the first official day of practices for the Senior Bowl, and we are here to summarize all the important stuff that went down. Mobile is perfect football weather this time of year, and the excitement in the atmosphere was palpable with all of the scouts, reporters, and players in the stadium. We will be sending a daily summary of 10 things or more for each day of practice so that you don’t miss a thing!

WRs – A good day from several, with one key struggle.

The Wide Receivers for the National Team had a better day than the American Team, simply put. Perhaps that was all due to the level of quarterbacking that they received, but in some cases it felt like it may have been a combination of the day that each WR had as well as who was throwing them the ball. The National Team has the benefit of Bo Nix and Michael Penix Jr. in rotation throwing them the ball, so just keep that in mind as you watch and read through everything happening through the week. 

Rickey Pearsall was good today. In the video below you can see him come quickly off the line to beat the DB, but the ball is a little underthrown and he has to come back to it. Pearsall showed great ball awareness and did an excellent job bringing that ball in from behind him through the contact. 

Malachi Corley had some moments. I didn’t personally get a great look at him today, but I’ll be paying closer attention through the week. Several people mentioned his performance to me post practice.

Brenden Rice drew multiple penalty flags for DPI on the day, and looks strong fighting through the contact. The DBs did not give him and easy day and were almost always attempting to be physical with him. He didn’t seem to be too bothered. 

Roman Wilson had the best day of any WR. This is just my personal opinion (others would argue Ladd McConkey), but Wilson was the only WR to have a long catch from either the National or American Team practices that I saw. It was a bit of a blown coverage as there was some miscommunication from the defense, but he made the most of the opportunity and looked good doing it. The video linked below is of a different instance where Roman showed off his skills. There were multiple times today where he cleanly beat the defense and he made several catches today that had the crowd “oohing” and “aahing.”

Devontez Walker had a mostly good day. There was a time or two where it felt like the defense may have gotten the better of him, but for the most part he took advantage of his opportunities. Here he is on 1v1 with Kalen King, who he easily beats off press. Watch the coach throw his hands up in celebration before he’s even half way into his route.

Xavier Legette had a disappointing day. I don’t think it was all his fault as there were some balls that weren’t put in the best spot, but the day just didn’t feel right for Xavier Legette. 1v1s he was 0-4, but had a catch or two in 7v7. The 11v11 stuff didn’t seem to provide him much opportunity at redemption, but perhaps Wednesday will.

Ladd McConkey was the definite bright spot on the American Roster today. He seemed like one of the few receivers who was able to consistently get open, get targeted, and catch the ball for the American Roster today.

WRs to pay attention to: Ryan Flournoy and Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint. Rosemy-Jacksaint had a good catch outside the numbers when talking to him after the practice exuded the confidence that you’d expect from a Georgia WR. There was another time or two where he popped up and someone mention him in a positive way from the crowd. Flournoy was looking as he was billed, athletic and a bit raw. He had an opportunity on a little bubble screen that was fun to see, and there were a couple times where he was open but the QB just didn’t look his way. There was one instance where he dusted his coverage, but the QB (Pratt, if I remember correctly, got decked by the defense). I’m keeping an eye on these guys the rest of the week for sure.

BONUS: Jamari Thrash had a few good catches on deep routes today. Some in the crowd didn’t know his name before practice began, but they definitely do now.

TE – One guy stood out.

Ben Sinnott had an up and down day. I got to talk to him after practice and he said that he “was the most versatile TE in the draft,” so as you can imagine, he does not lack confidence. He had several good reps and looked good for the majority of practice. However, he did have a drop in 11v11s which is shown below. It wasn’t the best ball placement (see QBs, American Roster) but he did get both hands on it.

I heard the name Jaheim Bell a few times. I didn’t get a ton of looks at the Florida State TE, but I heard his name and some praise a few times as he made a play or two. He’s a little short for a TE (6017), but I’ll get a better look at him in the next few days.

RB – Three definite standouts.

Rasheen Ali had one of the cleaner runs of the day up the middle. There was not much on the ground for the RBs today. There was some spots of success, but it was limited mostly to the guys listed here. Ali had an early run up the middle in 11v11 that got everyone excited. He showed patience and vision and got very nicely through the hole for what would have been a breakaway run. I like what we saw from him today. 

Dylan Laube looked fast and capable. He was one of the only RBs who was actually able to get outside the defense and break away down the field. He had several great plays where he got outside or away from the defense, and looked fairly strong, in my opinion. He probably had the most successful runs of any RB today outside of perhaps Daijun Edwards.

Daijun Edwards had people looking his way. I haven’t seen him on everyone’s top 10 players list from the first day, but I liked what I saw. He was physical for his size and had several good runs towards the end of 11v11. 

There would probably be arguments that MarShawn Lloyd and Cody Shrader should be noted, but I want to see a bit more from them tomorrow before I make too many judgements. I’ll let you know more on Day 2.

QBs – They are who we thought they were (at least so far).

I’ll give this a single blurb. I don’t feel as though anyone in the QB room did anything to show that they are much different than what our assumptions were coming into the day. Bo Nix didn’t really push the ball downfield, but looked pretty good most of the time, save for a few misses early on. Michael Penix Jr. had a bit less help from his offensive line group and took two “sacks” in 11v11. Penix and Nix were by far the best at getting their guys the ball on a consistent basis. 

Spencer Rattler looked like Spencer Rattler. Some good, some bad. There was a string of 11v11 where he put a few good plays together, only to throw a bad pick over the middle to a DB just waiting for the ball.

Joe Milton III is big, strong, and well, big. At 6’5” he is an impressive athlete on the field, but just not sure we are going to see him have sustained success at the next level. His arm strength is obvious when compared to the other QBs who are throwing next to him. The ball is a rocket off his arm. 

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