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2024 Running Back Free Agents Overview

On March 15th, the NFL league year will kick-off and free agency will open up. And sure, right now fanatics and dynasty degenerates like myself are whiling away the hours before the Super Bowl with the senior bowl, watching rookie tape and revving the hype machine. But these next few weeks represent a window for savvy dynasty owners to place some strategic bets on the running back free agents who may find their value shifting once free agency kicks off. 

There are 35 unrestricted running back free agents this year. For each, we will share their name, age at the start of the 2024 season, current team, their RB ranking in half-ppr over the last 3 seasons, and their current KeepTradeCut ranking. While KTC isn’t such a scientific tool, it can be useful for benchmarking community perceptions and preferences, and may help with negotiating your next trade.

Check out the list of unrestricted running back free agents along with stats and observations on 10 of the lead backs

10 Running Back Free Agents we are keeping a close eye on going into 2024

  • Saquon Barkley 
    27 years old, New York Giants. Last 3 seasons: RB32, RB6, RB12. KTC RB12.

The 27 year old superstar is back on the market after being tagged by the Giants last year. He reiterated on First Take his interest in being a Giant for life but also had a bit of a ‘whatever will be will be,” attitude. He is reportedly a target of Jim Harbough’s for the Chargers – which could be an interesting landing spot given Ekeler’s inclusion on this list. But with two RB1 seasons over the last two years, the price tag for Saquon will likely remain fairly high.

  • Josh Jacobs
    26 years old, Las Vegas. Last 3 seasons: RB14, RB3, RB27. KTC RB15.

This past year was Jacobs’ least successful – his first outside of the top 24 running backs in half-ppr scoring. His Raider teammate Zamir White proved to be very effective down the stretch while Jacobs recovered from a quad injury. But all of this might make Jacobs a buy low in advance of a situation change. KeepTradeCut has Jacobs as equal value to an early 2nd round rookie pick – if you have leaguemates willing to move him for that, it may be worth getting your hands on the former first rounder who is a season removed from putting up over 2000 all purpose yards.

  • D’Andre Swift
    25 years old, Philadelphia. Last 3 seasons: RB19, RB22, RB23. KTC RB18.

After being traded by the Lions, Swift finally saw the kind of utilization that could yield truly meaningful fantasy production. His 229 rushing attempts were the most of his career by a lot. If Swift stays in Philly, keep an eye on rule changes involving the tush push, which limited his touchdown volume this past season. If he does stick around, we will see if new OC Kellan Moore – who has historically run a pass heavy offense – gets Swift more targets than the 49 he got in 2023 (a career low).

  • Tony Pollard
    27 years old, Dallas. Last 3 seasons: RB28, RB7, RB15. KTC RB23.

Tony, Tony, Tony. I’m one of the many who eagerly spent that high capital in my redraft leagues. Who used one of my keeper slots. And it didn’t turn out quite like I had hoped. To be fair, RB15 is definitively good – but maybe no player had been more hyped going into the 2023 season than Tony Pollard. Things would have been different if he could have just gotten into the end zone. Tony had 6 touchdowns on 73 redzone touches. That is bad. But it also means he is a regression candidate. On top of that, he is now more than a year removed from literally breaking his leg… look at me go, chasing my losses again.

  • Derrick Henry
    30 years old, Tennessee. Last 3 seasons: RB16, RB4, RB8. KTC RB32.

The king stayed king this year. The last time Derrick Henry wasn’t at least an RB2 was 2017. Out of respect, I bend the knee. That said, inconsistency was an issue this year. Last season, his worst output was 4.8 fantasy points vs the Eagles in week 13. King Henry averaged 18 fantasy points per game. This year, that dropped to 13.9. He had 5 weeks under 5 fantasy points, including the championship in week 17. 

He gave a goodbye speech to Tennessee and has reportedly expressed his desire to target a superbowl, so expect the king to take his services to a serious contender this offseason. We will see how much that Henry has left, since he is essentially an octogenarian in running back years at this point.

  • Austin Ekeler
    29 years old, Los Angeles Chargers. Last 3 seasons: RB2, RB1, RB28. KTC RB36.

Ekeler, who has had an incredible career since going undrafted back in 2017, seemed to lose a step down the stretch this season. A year after putting up an RB1 overall season, he – much like the Chargers offense – couldnt get much going. From week 11 through week 18 he averaged out as the RB32. It is likely he will be shifting back to more of a pass-catching back role going forward, though depending on his landing spot and the level of competition you can imagine him clawing his way back to the elite tier for a last hoorah.

  • Devin Singletary
    27 years old, Houston. Last 3 seasons: RB20, RB24, RB31. KTC RB40. has Singletary’s estimated market value at $5.3 million/year which makes him a cost effective option for Houston to hold, or for teams looking for solid back without breaking the bank. Singletary was able to unseat Dameon Pierce to earn the lead role this past season. Starting in week 10, he averaged a 68.8% snap share and RB15 ranking.

  • Antonio Gibson
    26 years old, Washington. Last 3 seasons: RB10, RB30, RB41. KTC RB45.

It will be interesting to see if the Washington Commanders and their new coaching staff (including new OC Kliff Kingsbury) decide to re-sign Gibson this offseason. He was relegated to passing downs pretty exclusively this season, with Brian Robinson and even Chris Rodriguez handling the early down work. Kingsbury might find more use for the big-bodied, pass-catching Gibson in his air raid offense if he does stick around. KeepTradeCut has Gibson valued similarly to a 2024 mid-3rd. If you can get anywhere close to that price, Gibson – who boasts 2 RB1 finishes in his first two years in the league – may be a low-cost, high upside dice role.

  • JK Dobbins
    25 years old, Baltimore. Last 3 seasons: DNP, RB52, RB108. KTC RB46.

Dobbins is one of those guys whose injury history makes one curse the football gods for their cruelty. His week one achilles tear was overshadowed quite a bit by the same injury on a certain eccentric Jets quarterback. Some team is going to give Dobbins a prove-it deal and if he can stay healthy and return close to pre-achilles tear form (a big if), he has shown he can be incredibly electric with the ball in his hands.

  • Zack Moss
    26 years old, Indianapolis. Last 3 seasons: RB52, RB62, RB29. KTC RB49.

Moss has expressed interest in re-joining the Colts which would once again make him the handcuff to Jonathan Taylor. But in relief of Taylor, this season, Moss proved himself to be a solid offensive weapon. If he happens to leave Indianapolis, it will be interesting to see if he can push his way into more of a consistent time share.

The full 2024 RB Free agent Class

The rest of the running back free agents are undoubtedly worth keeping an eye on. Running back continues to be fantasy’s most volatile position and new situations could unlock value for any of these players:

  • A.J. Dillon 
    26 years old, Green Bay. Last 3 seasons: RB23, RB25, RB40. KTC RB50.
  • Gus Edwards
    29 years old, Baltimore. Last 3 seasons: DNP, RB61, RB20. KTC RB52.
  • Clyde Edwards-Helaire
    25 years old, Kansas City. Last 3 seasons: RB40, RB46, RB59. KTC RB60.
  • Ezekiel Elliott
    29 years old, New England. Last 3 seasons: RB6, RB19, RB32.  KTC RB62.
  • D’Onta Foreman
    28 years old, Chicago. Last 3 seasons: RB56, RB35, RB48. KTC RB64.
  • Kareem Hunt
    29 years old, Cleveland. Last 3 seasons: RB48, RB40, RB39. KTC RB71.
  • Josh Kelley
    26 years old, Los Angeles Chargers. Last 3 seasons: RB115, RB64, RB60. KTC RB74.
  • Damien Harris
    27 years old, Buffalo. Last 3 seasons: RB13, RB48, RB93. KTC RB82.
  • Ty Johnson
    26 years old, Buffalo. Last 3 seasons: RB47, RB80, RB81. KTC RB86.
  • Jerick McKinnon
    32 years old, Kansas City. Last 3 seasons: RB94, RB21, RB54. KTC RB88.
  • Trayveon Williams
    26 years old, Cincinnati. Last 3 seasons: RB136, RB129, RB105. KTC RB89.
  • Craig Reynolds
    28 years old, Detroit. Last 3 seasons: RB91, RB90, RB84. KTC RB96.
  • D’Ernest Johnson
    28 years old, Jacksonville. Last 3 seasons: RB51, RB141, RB80. KTC RB97.
  • Chase Edmonds
    28 years old, Tampa Bay. Last 3 seasons: RB35, RB58, RB63. KTC RB98.
  • DeeJay Dallas
    25 years old, Seattle. Last 3 seasons: RB73, RB79, RB115. KTC RB100.
  • Salvon Ahmed
    25 years old, Miami. Last 3 seasons: RB90, RB112, RB73. KTC RB101.
  • Eno Benjamin
    25 years old, New Orleans. Last 3 seasons: RB99, RB53, DNP. KTC RB102.
  • Boston Scott
    29 years old, Philadelphia. Last 3 seasons: RB54, RB72, RB98. KTC RB115.
  • Matt Breida
    29 years old, New York Giants. Last 3 seasons: RB85, RB68, RB70. KTC RB117.
  • Cordarrelle Patterson
    33 years old, Atlanta. Last 3 seasons: RB9, RB32, RB77. KTC RB120.
  • Rashaad Penny
    28 years old, Philadelphia. Last 3 seasons: RB36, RB67, RB121. KTC RB104.
  • Latavius Murray
    34 years old, Buffalo. Last 3 seasons: RB49, RB31, RB52. KTC (not rated).
  • Ameer Abdullah
    31 years old, Las Vegas. Last 3 seasons: RB61, RB76, RB79. KTC (not rated).
  • Dare Ogunbowale
    30 years old, Houston. Last 3 seasons: RB80, RB77, RB113. KTC (not rated)
  • Marlon Mack
    28 years old, Arizona. Last 3 seasons: RB120, RB83, DNP. KTC (not rated).

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