Posted by Matt Olson

7/26/2019 Observations

July 10, 2023

Eagles – DJax seems to be one of Wentz’s favorite targets early in camp, playing over Agholor in 12 personnel.

Dolphins – TE Gesicki has been a vacuum with the ball in the air – catching everything. Ballage got first handoff again today. Drum beat continues.

Lions – TJ Hockenson has dominated

Giants – Corey Coleman tore his ACL. Start monitoring rookie Darius Slayton.

Redskins – Terry Mclaursin has been impressive, creating seperation against everyone

Bills – top 3 RBs are McCoy, Gore and Sinletary. Yeldon odd man out?

Packers – TE Robert Tonyan has been getting some first team reps.

Texans – TE Jordan Thomas appears to really grow into his role in the office. “Catching Machine”. Josh Ferguson appears to be 3rd RB behind Miller and Foreman.

Titans – Rookie WR AJ Brown appeared to come up hurt today. Not sure extent yet. Delaine Walker looks like old self.

Broncos – UDRA WR Kelvin McKnight had a great day today. Another WR to keep an eye on for them. 

Saints – Rookie WR Emmanuel Better got a small shout out from Drew Brees. 

Vikings – Chad Beebe appears to be WR3 for now.

Check back later for anything else newsworthy from the afternoon.

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